Sarah McGuire

PhD, Dept. of CMSE at Michigan State University

In June 2024 I completed my PhD in the department of Computational Mathematics, Science, and Engineering (CMSE) at Michigan State University, advised by Dr. Elizabeth Munch. In 2019, I received a BA with high honors in Mathematics and minor in Computer Science from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA.


June 2024: I have successfully defended my dissertation.

May 2024: I am giving a talk in the online seminar for the Applied Algebraic Topology Research Network (AATRN). A recording of the talk can be found on the AATRN youtube channel.

May 2023: I was awarded the Outstanding Graduate Student Award for 2022-23 in my department Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering.

May 2022:  I passed my comprehensive examination on May 16, 2022, so I am now a PhD candidate.

September 2021: Recently, I was a guest on the Journeys of Scientists Podcast hosted by MSU WaMPS (Women and Minorities in the Physical Sciences). Listen to the episode!